Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wedding Rings: Check.

R and I went and purchased our wedding rings this weekend. Yess! I've been antsy to go, and Saturday worked out perfectly b/c our caterer canceled our appointment that we were supposed to have. That was a whole drama on its own, and we need to find a new caterer now, b/c they double booked without realizing it, and we lose out. Bummer. I think they will still be able to do our cake, though, which is good, b/c their cake is yummy!

I ended up choosing a "right hand ring" for my wedding ring. For the record, I DID try on the band that matched my engagement ring, but it was bling overload for one finger. It was a tiny band that matched the little bands on my engagement ring. It looked like I had three rings on, and the sparkle, while very pretty, was a bit much for me. Anyone who would have looked at my left hand would have been temporarily blinded, and I felt like it took away from the look of my engagement ring. I decided I will wear my engagement ring on my right hand, and my wedding ring on my left hand. I love the dainty vintage look of it which matches the vintage look of my e-ring.

Here it is, ta da!