Friday, June 12, 2009

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry

I officially have my wedding jewelry! Well, it's currently being shipped from Australia, but nonetheless, it's on its way. I searched high and low for an artist on Etsy to find my jewelry, and in the end, had a custom necklace made. I looove it! I had seen a necklace similar in style at my bridal shop, but it was WAY too expensive.

I asked Lulusplendor if she could make one of her necklaces in the same style, and to add a few extra details here and there, and she did an amazing job! It's perfect! I also got some earrings from her to match, and oddly enough, the flower shape of them mimics the flower on my wedding ring. I love fun little details! Here are the photos of what's heading my way, in addition to some pretty hair clips that I won off of a contest from her blog. Yay!

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