Friday, January 9, 2009

Calling All Lovely Ladies!

The bridesmaid lineup is complete! I'm excited!

First up, we have KG. She's my MOH. She's also my little sister. No, we don't always get along, but she's my only sister, and I love her to death. We talk about boys a lot, eat sushi together, and we make fun of each other for the kinds of music we listen to. She's pretty funny, too. She has excellent party planning skills, and will be fun to have around through out all of this wedding madness. KG is graduating from college this May. I'm very excited for and proud of her. Go KG!

Next up, we have DB. BRASS MONKEY! What can I say? DB is my oldest friend(since I was in 8th grade!). We crack each other up, love cotton candy, and of course, have a huge love of puppies...and kitties...and monkeys. Okay, fine, all animals. Although, I think DB might be just a hair more animal obsessed than I am. DB and I have also discovered that we're basically going to be married to male versions of each other. DB and R's personalities are quite alike, and my forgetfulness is definitely a match to EB's (DB's husband). DB and I are like friend soul mates. (It cracks me up that we thought it would be funny to make it look like we had nothing on in this photo. We are, in fact, fully clothed. Promise.)

After DB, we have SM! Hooray for SM! She's my next oldest friend(friends since my freshman year!). We've lived together, gotten back stage at concerts together, watched a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer together, and she's also the reason I met R. Thanks to SM for inviting me to that Pier 1 Christmas party, and luckily R decided to go to his old work's Christmas party. I win. SM is afraid of birds and rodents, so don't put them near her. SM also deeply shares my unicorn silliness. Cheers to SM with an economy sized bottle of chianti!

Next is CJ! Hooray! I've actually known CJ since elementary, but we weren't really friends until sophomore year of high school when she joined the drumline and invited me over to a sleep over at her house. It's been hilarious "HANH" laughs ever since. She shares my interest in random humor, found in movies like Drop Dead Gorgeous or Summer Heights High. We've played more Mario Party games together than I can even begin to count, we lived together for a year in college, and were in drumline in high school and college together. We laugh a lot, and we can talk or not talk about anything.

AW! AW is next! AW is also an old friend. We became friends on the swim team in high school during my sophomore year. I had her co-captain with me in high school my senior year, and she danced for the drill team with the marching band. So, including AW, every girl mentioned above except for KG was in the band in high school. Join the band, folks! AW is my fun-loving, dry-humored friend. My "Miranda" if you will. She also shares my dark side, which I enjoy. She's graduating from vet school this May. I'm so proud of her.

Last, but not least, is RK. She's R's little sister, and my future sister-in-law. It's so exciting to be getting another sister. RK and I have similar tastes in movies, books, and strangeness (ie: she got me a "Strange Sock Creature Book and Kit" for Christmas. Um, awesome?) and we bonded when we had to share a hotel room together when traveling with R's family to a wedding in Illinois and talked about girl things(boys). RK is a nurse, so I guess if I decide to pass out, trip, or hurt myself in some way on my wedding day, at least I know she'll know what to do. Ha. I think we're going to get along quite well in the future(especially since we already do).

I love all of these ladies very much, and I'm blessed to have such great women in my life. I can't imagine getting married without having them standing with me during the ceremony. Now, what are the chances I could get them to learn this dance to do at the reception with me?

Ha. Juuust kidding.

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