Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding Day Madness

I tried on dresses today for the first time today, and also went to a bridal show in Overland Park. Holy. Hell. I'm exhausted.

Let's just discuss the bridal show for a second, I'm sure you won't mind hearing about my day in reverse order. It's a mad house. A MAD. HOUSE. You start off by being tagged with a sticker that says "BRIDE" nice and big. You think it's to make you feel special at first, but then you understand what's just happened. You turn the corner only to see a massive room filled tons of girls scattering back and forth, and booth after booth, so many vendors you don't even know where to start. You realize that that big "BRIDE" sticker is a target. Yep, I was a walking human target today. My lady friends with me basically didn't have a soul pay attention to them as we walked through, but I was attacked every few minutes by someone new, shoving an informational sheet into my hand. I will say, the cake samples did make it a bit easier to handle. I'm not big on crowds, confusion, and chaos, but I am big on cake. And punch. Refill. And more punch.

There was also a bridal fashion show. My contacts were hurting by this point in the day, and I probably looked like I was convulsing in my seat, or at least ready to scratch my eyes out from discomfort. I felt even more discomfort when four male models in jeans and suit jackets came strolling, no grinding, down the runway doing all kinds of things that made me embarrassed for them. I didn't have a pillow to hide behind. However, I did see a dress or two that looked interesting, so I'm keeping my hopes up to find something. As cranky as I sound about the whole thing, I did have fun. I ran into a few friends, had some cake, and enjoyed running around like a chicken with her head cut off for a few hours. Ladies, thanks for being there. I'm sorry if I appeared to be having a melt down by the end of it(melt down in my world is just being out of it, not talking much, and sporting cranky undertones). The truth was, I needed a nap. Clearly, I am ten.

Which brings me to the dress shopping this morning. Hrm. I was underwhelmed. I don't know if it was the lady I had, the fact that I needed to have a dress ordered five months ago(even though I just got engaged about three weeks ago), or the fact that I have pain in my ribs, and being corseted into a dress was not my idea of fun. Ouch. Speaking of which, are wedding dresses supposed to be that uncomfortable? I felt like I was sucked and tied in to every dress I put on. I'm a creature of comfort. I'd like to be able to sit at my wedding. Maybe even eat something. Or you know, breathe. I could lean forward and hang there, and the dress held me up. My dress lady was not messing around with the corset tying. Blech.

I found a dress or two that were interesting, but they weren't winners. Bless my lady party for being patient while I tried them on. I just wasn't that impressed. I did, however, discover that I can wear white. I never thought I'd be able to. Turns out, the ivory colors look not-so-great on me. My lady said I had "Snow White skin", so can pull it off. Raise the roof to being pale. Being able to wear white will work out well with our color scheme. Perhaps I'll have better luck this week. This post sounds grumpy and complainy. I need sleep.

Here's a photo of me in one of the dresses. Looking back, I think this one may have been the most flattering, even though it wasn't the crowd favorite. I officially miss my long hair. And I'm allowed to post this photo, b/c I'm not getting this dress.

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