Sunday, January 11, 2009

And calm...

I'm feeling much calmer today. I think we're going to change our date again. Imagine that. My mom brought up a good point today by asking if wedding planning was no longer feeling fun. I said no, that it wasn't. She said maybe I should change the date(which is what my original question to her was). I don't want to be limited in dresses I can order b/c of the date. I don't want to stress about invitations getting out in the next six weeks or so. I don't want to worry about finding a place for the wedding/reception ASAP.

The only thing that sucks about August is 1) I'm impatient. May is so much sooner. 2) The weather. CJ pointed out to me that if we do outdoor photos, it'd probably be 30-60 minutes at most. The rest will be indoors, and the evening will be cooler. We can suck it up. She's right. I mean, we did survive band camp and football games in our uniforms(even if I did pass out once). 3) Plane tickets ARE a little bit more expensive, but it's January. There's plenty of time to save some money for those who plan on coming from out of town.

The things that suck about May are 1) It's so SOON(which I'm all about, b/c I get to be with R sooner, but there's that whole wedding thing getting in the way). 2) It'd be on a holiday weekend(this could be a plus or minus). 3) I'll probably have to get a dress off the rack b/c there isn't enough time to order one. 4) All the other planning stuff, basically has to get done ASAP. 5) R and I are fixing up a house. Planning a wedding within a few months, AND trying to get a house in liveable shape is going to be difficult. I don't want that kind of pressure.

So, I think we're learning towards August again. Stay tuned. We'll officially announce it when we book a place.

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  1. There's no problem with a later date. It's a good idea to take the time you guys need to put things in order without freaking out. Getting married IS supposed to be enjoyable yes? Hehe. Relax. Have fun and enjoy it :)