Friday, January 30, 2009

Let's Go to the Movies!

I think R and I have FINALLY found a place for our reception(and hopefully ceremony). We've decided on the Screenland Theatre on Armour Rd in North Kansas City. It's awesome, it's ten minutes max from the city, and I believe it will be convenient for R's family coming from Richmond. They will even put our names on the marquee that night, which is lots of fun.

As for the ceremony, they do have a beautiful theatre there to rent. R and I are completely sold on the idea for multiple reasons. Here are the pros:

-Beautiful cushy red seats.
-One row of seats are recliner seats(not that any of you will be reclining at my wedding).
-If we make a slideshow or movie, they will totally play it on the screen for us. R had joked that we could re-enact our favorite movie moments, and we could play it while everyone is waiting for the ceremony to begin. Or we could piece together clips of us(we better get filming), to have playing at some point.
-Beautiful red curtain that covers the screen, and the giant robot man that moves to open said curtain.
-R and I have wanted a wedding on some kind of stage from the beginning. We're not opposed to a church wedding, but the stage/movie thing is more "us".
-It's right in the same location as the reception. Hello convenient!

The only cons are:

-There's no REAL aisle. There's the entrance to the theatre, but no one would see me coming in until I was towards the front of the theatre. However, I could close of the aisle of recliners(b/c it's wider), and walk down that, and then turn and walk to the front and meet R on the stage. Or, I could come in from the front side door, and everyone would see me come out that way.The non-real aisle doesn't exactly bother me, b/c to be honest, walking down a big long aisle with everyone looking at me freaks me out. You can't tell me that's not intimidating.
-My mom is SO not sold on this idea, so we have some convincing to do.

I took some photos of the loft space and the theatre. You'll have to excuse their crappiness, as I took them with my iPhone.

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  1. Fun on both counts!! You can do soo much with a loft space and a robot...who needs anything else??