Saturday, February 21, 2009

Karaoke Blast 2009

We've decided that getting a photobooth is going to be way too much. Nuts. We have alternative ideas that we might use, but for now, actually getting one is out of our budget. However, R and I had an incredible idea over dinner last night to rent a karaoke machine for the reception. That's right. I said it. Karaoke. Machine.

I've already priced the professional type ones that you can rent, and it's pretty affordable. 1,100 songs, five books, two mics, screen, disco sounds incredible. What's even more incredible is that we have this pretty stage that we'll be using for the ceremony, but how perfect would it be for karaoke for the reception?

I think it sounds like a blast. We could mix some singing in with some dance music so we get a little of everything. I know there's enough of you out there that would be all about it to make it worthwhile. Clear your throats, ladies and gentlemen, this idea might stick.

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  1. Professional Karaoke? Why not save some cash and just buy Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour? Hehehe.