Saturday, February 21, 2009

Location, Location, Location

I haven't updated in the land of wedding in awhile. I have a few updates! It is official, we are having the ceremony AND reception at the KC Athenaeum. See photos below! The date is officially decided as well, but I'm not going to post it on here for the sake of privacy. If you haven't heard it yet, leave me a comment, and I'll tell ya.

Next up in awesomeness: centerpieces. We've got them figured out! Well, for the most part. We won't be using any flowers. I don't plan to order any for the ceremony or reception. I just hate the idea of using such beautiful flowers for one day, then having to discard them. I would have donated them to the shelter or a nursing home or something, but I've never envisioned flower center pieces or bouquets, so that issue is solved on its own. Instead, we're going to use little tree branches from R's parent's land. We'll probably try spray painting them black or white, depending on the linens we get. I'm thinking we could alternate some white tables with some black tables. Then have white branches on the black tables, and black branches on the white tables. Fun, eh?

I'm playing with ideas for decorating the branches with just a little bit of something. Maybe a few tiny little silver jingle bells to hang on them, since the proposal involved a bell. I think I might also make some little tissue paper "poms" to make it look like the branches are blossoming. See?
I think I'd also like to get a few little candles to put on the tables for some nice lighting as well. Hooray for pretty things....

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