Friday, February 6, 2009

Athenaeum, anyone?

I went by this morning on the way to work to check out the KC Athenaeum. It's a really pretty building, my only concerns going into it were about parking and the neighborhood. It's definitely an older neighborhood(for those of you familiar with KC, it's down the street from Martini Corner on Linwood, however it IS before you get to Troost, so I think that counts as safe). The man that let me in let me know that there IS a lot to park in beside the building, and that security guards would be out there watching the cars throughout the evening. That was quite the relief. He also let me know that there have never been any safety issues, and it's a pretty safe neighborhood.

Safety, check.
Parking, check.

I didn't get to talk to the wedding lady b/c she wasn't in yet, so I'll have to get some more details, but we'd get quite a bit more space with this place. One large ballroom, stage to get married on, two parlors, and the foyer. We'd also be in a prime location to go take photos anywhere we wanted in the city. I'm definitely wanting photos on the Swope Memorial. Other options would be the Liberty Memorial, Nelson Art Gallery, Plaza fountains, Loose Park, West Bottoms, etc... All pretty good locations for pretty photos. There's also a black and white mural a block or two over that has Martin Luther King and Walt Disney in it(I think it's right where Walt Disney's old studio used to be in Kansas City), which would be a fun back drop. Random.

Anyway, here are some photos. It's officially between the Screenland Loft(sans the theatre ceremony, I guess) or the KC Athenaeum for both the ceremony and reception. Comments welcomed.


Parlor 1



Ballroom Stage


Stage up close

Stage lights

Ballroom entrance/Balcony

Parlor 2


  1. wow both the screenland and this place have so much character, I'm a fan of both. I'd say space is important, so that might be the deal breaker..

  2. Cool looking place. You have to stand on the stage when you get married, hehe ;)